I thought there are 7 oceans not 5…2022-10-15T21:16:21+01:00

There are technically 5 oceans and 7 ‘seas’ – The difference being that the 7 seas split the Atlantic and Pacific into North and South. The 5 ocean basins are Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Southern.

What makes OVO so smooth?2022-10-28T21:16:04+01:00

Firstly, the corn base adds a very mild sweetness, but we also added the slightest hint of rose, so slight that you can’t taste or smell it, but this removes that typical afterburn you would get with traditional vodkas. If you want to know more about our taste, see tasting notes from the Beverage Testing Institute here.

What is the inspiration behind your logo?2022-10-15T21:18:56+01:00

Our logo firstly displays the letter ‘O’ for OVO and consists of 5 rings representing the 5 ocean basins which also look like a ripple on water.

Where did the idea for OVO come from?2022-10-28T21:16:49+01:00

In 2020, while the world was in quarantine from COVID-19, the founders took notice of how the ocean environment was thriving (dolphins sighted in Venice canals, turtle migrations growing by 400% in India, etc.) while we were locked down and decided something needed to change. From this, OVO was born. Want to know more? Read The OVO Vodka origin story.

Who founded OVO Vodka LLC?2022-10-28T21:14:25+01:00

Our Founder are British Expats, Jon Dunnington and Anthony Packwood (learn more here).

Where do you source the corn?2022-10-15T21:25:22+01:00

Our corn is sourced from a handful of selective farms in Iowa.

Can I donate direct to Bye Bye Plastic Foundation?2023-01-22T20:45:15+00:00

Of course, any contributions are much appreciated. You can donate here.

Can I submit a cocktail idea with OVO?2022-10-15T21:24:02+01:00

Hell yeah! We love to hear how customers are using OVO in cocktails, please feel free to tag us on your social media or send to hello@ovo.vodka.

Where can I get it shipped?2022-10-15T21:26:18+01:00

We deliver to all US States except for Michigan, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio and Louisiana. Delivery to Alaska and Hawaii can be arranged, but orders need to be placed over the phone as the shipping deals do not apply.

What do you do to help the plastic crisis?2023-01-22T20:47:26+00:00

Where do we start? Firstly, we donate $2 per bottle to our charity partner, Bye Bye Plastic Foundation (learn more here). We also have a strict plastic-free policy throughout our product, supply, promotion, fulfillment, etc. and we host regular cleanups in our local area (learn more here). We are also working on a bunch of other exciting ideas such as an education program, corporate clean-ups, and large-scale events coming in 2023.

How much is OVO?2023-01-28T00:53:39+00:00

Our price depends on a number of factors such as the retailer margins in your local area or the delivery costs if ordering on our website. We advise you to check your local retailers here (or here for local Drizly delivery) and you can check our shipping costs at our store here.

I can’t find OVO near me, what can I do?2022-10-15T21:17:16+01:00

We’re sorry to hear that, but we have a form you can fill to request a venue stocks OVO Vodka and we will reach out and try to work with them. Visit the form here.

Is OVO available outside of the US?2022-10-15T21:26:01+01:00

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are always working on growing the brand and we will update our Instagram with news when we do.

How can I get my hands on some OVO?2023-01-28T00:54:22+00:00

We’re glad you asked. We recommend you buy online (or you can use our map of venues or see if we deliver locally).

What is the alcohol content of OVO?2022-09-22T07:54:51+01:00

OVO Vodka is finished at 40% alcohol by volume or 80 proof.

How many calories are in OVO?2022-10-15T21:29:31+01:00

There are 65 calories in a single serve (1oz) or pour.

Is OVO keto-friendly?2022-10-15T21:29:07+01:00

Yes. OVO Vodka contains zero carbs so it is generally considered keto-friendly.

Is OVO gluten-free?2022-10-15T21:29:49+01:00

Yes, we are made from corn so there is no gluten at all.

How would you recommend I taste OVO?2022-09-22T07:54:40+01:00

If you really want to taste the smoothness hands-on we recommend on its own and chilled, or with a slight squeeze of lemon if straight vodka isn’t your thing. Other than this, OVO goes great with soda (SOVO) or in almost any cocktail 

What does OVO stand for?2022-10-15T21:28:36+01:00

OVO stands for Our Five (V) Oceans, an ode to our mission.

How many grams of fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar are in OVO?2022-09-22T07:54:51+01:00

We’re glad to say, zero.

I’m a member of the press, where can I get more info?2022-10-15T21:27:24+01:00

Thank you for your interest in our brand, you can visit our Media page or reach out directly to jon@ovo.vodka.

Do you have flavored versions of OVO?2022-10-15T21:22:20+01:00

We don’t, we want to focus on the original juice but never say never.

Is OVO Vegan or Vegetarian?2022-10-15T21:28:53+01:00

Yes to both, most vodkas are vegan but we can confirm that OVO is indeed Vegan.

I love OVO! How do I get involved with you guys?2022-10-15T21:28:10+01:00

That’s very kind. We have a few ways to get involved with the brand but we would recommend reaching out and telling us and we can point you in the right direction (also, who doesn’t love feedback) – hello@ovo.vodka.

Where is OVO produced?2022-10-15T21:21:53+01:00

We are proudly distilled in Jacksonville, Florida using all-American ingredients but the company (OVO Vodka LLC) was founded in Hoboken, New Jersey.


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