Keeping the spirit of change alive

Continuing to infuse environmental consciousness into the fine art of drinking well, we’ve partnered with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation as a simple way to profoundly impact the well-being of our planet.

It used to take a lot of personal effort to drink responsibly and consciously. For most, it led to drinking subpar vodka in planet-unfriendly ways. Thankfully, we’re changing all that.

Bye Bye Plastic, hello world

Liquid aficionados like ourselves, Bye Bye Plastic Foundation harnesses the social lubricant of music to create positive ripple effects in how we treat and repair this planet. Beyond cutting single-use plastics at festivals and eliminating those vibe-killing red plastic cups throughout the music industry, they’re turning the collective spirit into a healthy reality, ensuring the party never stops.

Restoring earth’s balance, just got a whole lot easier.

What Bye Bye Plastic does

Bye Bye Plastic Foundation helps DJs and artists state their plastic-free preferences while on tour, sparking collective action.

They facilitate solutions for event organizers – consulting, guiding, and navigating the plastic-free paradigm like true pioneers.

They engage with enthusiastic, like-minded, and plastic-free brands in order to provide streamlined solutions for the growing #plasticfreeparty movement.

Vodka + oceans, better together

OVO Vodka donates $2 to Bye Bye Plastic Foundation for every OVO bottle purchased, which results in the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles being removed from the oceans. 

Now that’s something to cheers to.

Now, the fun part…

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