September 19, 2022

The OVO Vodka origin story

We have a drinking problem.

As in – us as a species. Which is why we created a vodka that makes mindful choices & rethinks how we treat our planet. It’s also why we named our premium spirit OVO (Our Five (V) Oceans) – as a sort of homage to the greatness of these crucial bodies of water.

It started with a priest.

No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke. For us, this wild, spirit-filled adventure took shape after a surprisingly sober business transaction quickly escalated into a wedding in Vegas (naturally). That wedding was co-founder Jon’s and that priest was co-founder Anthony. But wait, there’s more.

A couple of questionable tattoos later…

We know, we know, this sounds a little bit like the script from the Hangover but it’s not. Life, after all, can sometimes be stranger than fiction. After 2 MBAs, 3 business ventures, 2 proposals, a move to the States, and a couple of questionable tatts, here we are today on the cusp of changing the alcohol industry for the better. One drink at a time. How did we do it?

We harnessed the upside of 2020 (we promise, there is one)

During the madness of 2020 there was one small glimmer of positivity that few people expected to see. While we were isolating and away from our loved ones, nature was given a well-deserved break. Oceans started to replenish, wildlife returned to our shores, forests thrived, and across the globe the environment was given a chance to heal. It was during this craziness that we realized our whole approach to how we interacted with nature was out of balance. So, we made a change.

To us, vodka is more than a drink.

It’s an opportunity to stand for something while savoring life’s moments. Fuelled by a passion for turning adversity into positivity, we decided to use this momentum for positive impact by creating the smoothest tasting vodka on the market and using proceeds to actively remove plastic bottles from oceans both near and far. After countless tasting sessions with our master distiller to make sure we cultivated a vodka with a taste as pure as the cause, we are proud to be the vodka that is leading the way to drinking for a higher purpose and are excited for you to join us on the journey.

Cheers to that.