Vodka without compromise

OVO Vodka is made from 100% high-grade American corn which is distilled 6 times for a purer distillate then filtered with activated charcoal for a clean, refined, ultra-premium taste. That’s our fancy way of saying that it’s unbelievably smooth, delicious, and gluten-free.


Oceans without plastics

Did you know Americans use 70 million plastic bottles every day? The plastic crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing planet earth. For every bottle of our award-winning OVO Vodka purchased, you’re responsible for removing the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles from our oceans. That averages 1 plastic bottle removed for every shot (or single pour) through our partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.

Quality ingredients

OVO Vodka uses the highest quality corn available sourced from just one partner for 100% traceability.

Purified water

Our filtered and purified water is blended with our raw product to secure the foundation for our vodka.

Charcoal Filtered

Our ultra-premium vodka is distilled six times. Ensuring the removal of all impurities, resulting in our refreshingly smooth taste.


Distilled 6 Times


No Carbs

No Sugar

No Wheat