Cheers to vodka without compromise and oceans without plastics.

OVO Vodka™ is a new ultra-premium, gluten-free vodka that empowers those who enjoy it to help cleanse Our Five (V) Oceans simply by enjoying a drink.

Our mission

Advocates of drinking for a cause, we’re creating a great tasting vodka infused with the spirit of goodwill.
Join the OVOlution.

Our vision

Vodka without compromise,
oceans without plastics.
Cheers to that.

OVO is reinventing how the world drinks vodka.

Each drop purchased goes towards cleaning the world’s oceans by removing harmful plastics, one drink at a time. Working towards creating new industry standards and ending damaging cycles, OVO is dedicated to disrupting the industry by making some of the best tasting vodka and leaving the world better than we found it.

Join the

OVO Vodka™ is made from 100% high-grade American corn which is distilled 6 times for a purer distillate then filtered with activated carbon for a clean, refined, ultra-premium taste. That’s our fancy way of saying that it’s unbelievably smooth, delicious, and gluten-free.

Americans use 70million plastic bottles every day

The plastic crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing planet earth, though, during quarantine from the COVID19 Pandemic, we were offered glimpses of hope to demonstrate how swift action can have positive effects on wildlife and sea life alike.

Our Vital Objective

For every bottle of our ultra-premium OVO Vodka™ purchased, you’re responsible for removing the equivalent of 18 plastic bottles from our oceans. That averages 1 plastic bottle removed for every shot. Has a hangover ever felt so good?

Our Charity Partner:
Clear Blue Sea

The mission of our nonprofit partner is to cleanse the oceans of plastic pollution. Clear Blue Sea has innovated a Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris, FRED, to remove plastic from oceans, rivers, and bays. OVO Vodka™ donates $2 per bottle purchased to help actively remove plastics from marine environments around the world. Together, we are not just slowing plastic pollution, but remediating the oceans back to clear blue seas.