September 12, 2023

OVO Vodka Strikes Gold at The Fifty Best in 2023

OVO Vodka, a brand that has consistently pushed the boundaries of craft vodka in the United States, has once again earned well-deserved recognition. This time, it’s in the form of a prestigious Gold Award from The Fifty Best’s “Best Domestic Vodka” competition in 2023. The Fifty Best, renowned for its commitment to evaluating and celebrating the finest spirits, organized a blind tasting featuring 14 American-made unflavored craft vodkas. Ten seasoned members of their spirits judging panel meticulously assessed these vodkas, adhering to strict tasting rules that set the stage for an unbiased evaluation.

The blind-tasting process was a meticulous one, with the vodkas poured into fresh glasses from sealed bottles and served just above room temperature. To ensure objectivity, the judges had only ice water and neutral, unflavored crackers and chips at their disposal to cleanse their palates.

Each judge meticulously recorded their impressions of the vodkas on score sheets, rating them on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Medals—Double-Gold, Gold, and Silver—were awarded based on a predefined range of final point scores received from the judges. This process ensures that medals are awarded solely based on merit, to products truly deserving of such recognition.

Here’s a glimpse into the tasting notes that captured the essence of OVO Vodka’s excellence:

Nose: The judges noted an intriguing medley of scents, including bread, almond, nutty undertones, anise, and refreshing citrus notes. Peppery and musty hints were also observed, alongside light minerals and clean, crisp aromas.

Palate: OVO Vodka continued to captivate with a palate that featured a delightful blend of flavors. Judges identified vanilla, Confectioners’ sugar, lemon cream, lemon verbena, and a hint of mint. Subtle potato skins, light carrot, cocoa, coffee, and white peppercorn nuances added depth. This exceptional vodka also displayed mossy and wet stone characteristics, alongside a subtle wood barrel influence. Judges commended its clean, delicate, and creamy profile, making it truly vibrant.

Finish: The finish left a lasting impression with notes of grain, subtle mint, lingering black pepper, and a hint of dustiness. Bottled spring water qualities contributed to its smooth and mellow finish. A zesty and intriguing note rounded off this remarkable experience.

This Gold Award at The Fifty Best’s Domestic Vodka competition reaffirms OVO Vodka’s commitment to crafting top-tier spirits that resonate with discerning palates. It’s a testament to their dedication to excellence and their ability to stand out in a competitive field.

The complete results and tasting notes for all contenders can be found on The Fifty Best’s website at is a trusted digital guide to wines and spirits, featuring exclusive lists derived from blind tastings conducted by a panel of experts, including spirits professionals, journalists, retailers, mixologists, and connoisseurs. The Fifty Best’s commitment to rigorous methodology and strict tasting rules ensures the highest standards in spirits evaluations.

In the world of craft vodka, OVO Vodka’s Gold Award from The Fifty Best in 2023 is a resounding affirmation of its dedication to excellence and innovation. Cheers to OVO Vodka, a brand that continues to raise the bar in American craft spirits!