April 18, 2024

Join the journey of OVO Vodka, the smoothest vodka on the planet that helps save the planet

Our award-winning brand is wrapping up a Seed funding round to keep pace with our rapid growth trajectory along the East Coasts

In January 2023, OVO Vodka consisted of a hard-working team of just 3 individuals—our two founders and a marketing manager based in North NJ. Fast forward to March 2024, and we’re accepting pallet orders and reorders from distribution partners across NJ, FL, MA, NH, RI, and CT, while simultaneously removing tons of plastic from our oceans. This shift from local to regional distribution signalled to us that we were onto something truly special.

At OVO, we’re not just a vodka brand; we’re a community dedicated to making a real difference for our planet. Crafted from premium American corn, our vodka has earned 16 industry accolades for its exceptional quality. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. Every bottle of OVO contributes to cleaner oceans through our partnership with the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.

Our story is one of growth and shared values. From our humble beginnings as a local favourite to our expanding presence nationwide, we resonate with those who prioritise sustainability. This expansion reflects a larger movement toward eco-conscious living, a trend we’re proud to champion.

Meet the driving force behind OVO—MBA grads, Jon Dunnington and Anthony Packwood. Their combined expertise in marketing, hospitality, and sales fuels our vision where vodka becomes a vehicle for change. By investing in OVO, you’re joining a team that believes success is measured not just in revenue, but in positive impact and community engagement. We’re on a mission to close out our current round of funding to meet growing demand and continue our rapid momentum.

In a world where consumers, especially the conscious Gen Z, seek authenticity and responsible practices, OVO shines. We’re not just preparing for the future; we’re shaping it, offering a unique opportunity to invest where growth meets sustainability. Your investment in OVO is an investment in a future where business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

So, are you ready to be part of something bigger? To invest in a brand that’s excelling in the spirits industry while pioneering a new standard for corporate responsibility? Join us at OVO Vodka, and let’s pave the way to a more sustainable future together.

To request a copy of our Investment Deck for yourself or anyone in your network, please contact our CEO, Anthony Packwood, at anthony@ovo.vodka or COO, Jon Dunnington, at jon@ovo.vodka. We’re also open to discussing advisory shares for any investment introductions that result in funding.

Cheers to vodka without compromise and oceans without plastic!