January 5, 2024


What a year!

As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re thrilled to take a moment to reflect on an extraordinary year filled with growth, community engagement, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Building on the success of our inaugural year in 2022, the OVO family is excited to share some of the key highlights that made 2023 truly special.

Partnerships and Expansion

One of the cornerstones of OVO Vodka’s success lies in the incredible partnerships we’ve formed throughout the year. Massive love to the 200+ spots that rode the wave with us in 2023. You guys took a chance on us, and we’re grateful. Here’s to more good times, more pours, and more adventures in 2023. 

Sunshine State, We’ve Landed:

In a momentous move, OVO Vodka expanded its reach into the sunshine state of Florida. This expansion marks a significant milestone for OVO as we bring our premium vodka to new audiences, embracing the vibrant culture and diverse communities in the Sunshine State.

ByeByePlastics, Hello Impact:

Who knew sipping on great vodka could save the ocean? In partnership with ByeByePlastics, OVO Vodka is proud to announce the prevention of 155,676 plastic bottles from entering our oceans. That’s almost 3.5 Tons of plastic.  Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the bottle, and together with our consumers, we’re making a significant difference in reducing plastic waste and protecting our precious marine ecosystems.

Crushing it with Waterfront Clean-ups:

Beyond crafting exceptional vodka, OVO took its commitment to environmental stewardship to new heights. Hosting many waterfront cleanups from the Hoboken shoreline to the Jersey shore, we rallied the local community to join us in preserving our oceans. Rain, shine, or snow- the OVO family, alongside dedicated community members, removed ocean-bound trash, making a tangible impact on our environment. 

Award-Winning Excellence:

2023 was a year of recognition for OVO Vodka, with a remarkable haul of 13 awards. Highlights include the prestigious Triple Gold Medal from MicroLiquor Spirit Awards, Silver from Millennial Wine & Spirits Competition, Silver (and 89 Points) from Beverage Tasting Institute, and Silver (Masked and UnMasked) from Pr%f Awards. Visit our News page for more details on our individual award victories.


As we raise our glasses to the achievements and milestones of 2023, OVO Vodka expresses gratitude to our partners, community, and consumers who have been integral to our success. Here’s to a bright future filled with continued growth, sustainability, and the shared joy of sipping on the finest vodka. Cheers to that.

Here’s to 2024…