January 1, 2023

2022… a recap

That was a big year!

As most do, we like to start the year with a look back and reflect on the previous year; for us, this just so happened to be our first ever! It has been a fantastic 2022 here at OVO and we wanted to share some of our most exciting achievements and milestones.

Over 100+ venues

We are honored and work with so many amazing bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and event spaces throughout NJ and NYC. We wholeheartedly understand that working with a small start-up brand is not a preference for some, but we can’t thank all of our vendors enough for taking a chance with us. We look forward to growing with you in 2023 and beyond:

We removed a S**T TON of plastic from the oceans

We cannot possibly celebrate this achievement without a special thanks to our charity partner, Clear Blue Sea. Through our donations to Clear Blue Sea, you (yes, you, our consumers) are responsible for the removal of around 67,500 plastic bottles from the ocean. This is almost 3 tons of plastic waste removed simply by drinking great vodka, what a world!

We hosted some local Waterfront Clean-ups

Alongside thanking our great vendors, we also owe a HUGE thank you to the local community who, come rain or shine (we even have photos below to prove it), joined us each month in Hoboken. We picked up ocean-bound trash along the waterfront then enjoyed some complimentary OVO cocktails at Union Hall – We will be organizing many more so learn more about our Waterfront Clean-ups here.

We picked up some awards

Throughout the year we also bagged a few awards, including Triple Gold medal from MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2022, Silver from Millennial Wine & Spirits Competition 2022, Silver (and 89 Points) from Beverage Tasting Institute, and a Silver (Masked and UnMaksked) from Pr%f Awards 2022. See more info on all our individual awards on the News page.

Here’s to 2023…